The cloaks…

Time ticks through my life and the hours of my existence continue to clock aimlessly,
But today, it’s different!!
I feel the velvet of the cloaks I am wearing,
As the bright shiny sun prodded me to take it off, I got nervous.
Nervous not because I would go naked, but coz I wasn’t sure what lay within! Yet I removed it..
The winds picked up and forced me to remove the next,
It started to rain and I removed further..
Soon did I realise that the cloaks I put on were just innumerable; a son, a brother, a lover, a friend, a partner and so on..
Undoing the cloaks pushed me into that gorge of uncertainty,
Uncertainty of what lay within further and the uncertainty as to whether whatever that is ME is still left in me!!
Gosh!! I wanted to see ME, naked and uncovered!
It stopped raining, the winds died down and the sun hid behind clouds.
I packed all of the cloaks, put them on and moved on to help the time clock further meaningless minutes!!


What makes heroes special?
Not the clothes, hair or the physique, heroes are just normal people…like us
who look at the sun and the day and wish it would all be right,
who run all 60 seconds of the damned minute hoping it would make a difference..
who look into the mirror and aren’t afraid of the shady shit that stares back at them..
who can pour their life into something yet have the courage to trample it over if the need be..
They are just normal people who want to be different, who can let bygones be bygones, who have the audacity to spit on fate’s face even when its boot is all over their neck and when all the dust settles have the humbleness to accept they are just normal…

Lion or deer? Pick a side!

Ever watched a lion chasing a deer?
Pause, right there! Whom would you want to win?
If it’s the deer, this is for you.
Ever pondered upon why the deer should win?
It’s the might of the lion and it’s authority over nature that prods you to pick a side, the side of the deer…

Coz everything that you read up until now or anything that you watched has coaxed you to believe that it is the fault of the lion that the deer is deer!

The powerful are powerful coz they believed in their purpose and strived for it rather than hoping that someone would hand them, power.

The mighty and powerful didn’t get there to promote charity. They got there coz they wanted the power to dictate the terms and be the one whom everyone on the table looks at, when decisions are to be made.

It is obtained through struggle and the invincible desire to be powerful.
So, the next time, don’t cry foul if the powerful use their power. Accept the authority coz you don’t have other options or GET POWERFUL!

Who am I?

Who am i?

I aint the name
I aint the flesh nor the blood coursing through my veins
I aint the things i was taught
I aint what the society sees me as
Who am i

I aint my religion
I aint the place i am in
I aint what i see or hear
I aint my beliefs
Who am i

Provide me with an answer,
For in the journey of discovering who i am,
I am unraveling what i aint…
Coz probably when i discover I aint me, i would run into nothingness and the deep dark valley would start to seem beautiful…
Maybe inward journeys are the most peaceful or the most fearsome…


You know why we are so scared of pain??
Because it brings u to that brink of what u actually are, where there are no layers, where all that could scare u is staring right at ur face and breathing down ur neck, mocking u incessantly… showing u that all u have is nothing compared to what it can give, biting its teeth deep into ur flesh and dragging apart. But that is for those who are scared of it.
But for those who have the balls to look right into its eyes and smile at it, its a teacher. One that teaches you that u will always fall no matter what and it will hurt too, but it beckons u to stand, maybe to fall again. Interestingly, pain and fear are such dear friends.
Only when u can see pain clearly, can u see urself clearly. Beacuse there, at the point of maximum pain, at the end of that deep dark tunnel is the mirror that shows u who u are, devoid of everything that u make the world believe u are. Thats where what is actually important gets clear.
Its at the point of maximum pain that life starts…

Meaning of life

Through this journey of ever changing perspectives called life, i met many people…
It is so ridiculed with possibilities…
There are few who are fighting to live…
And few who are surviving to fight…
Only if someone could tell me what life meant…
Life…such a huge word, a statement in itself, an experience in itself, yet none could fathom its depth…
Only when one reaches the pit of existence, when all the light there is starts to dim and when all the gloom there is starts to usher joy would someone understand what it meant maybe…
Or maybe not even then…
We all claim life is a journey that we walk through…maybe it aint…maybe its a process of nurturing the spirit into realisation that there are things much grander beyond life…
Only if someone could tell me what life meant…


Trudging down the weary road of my life,
Wondering where it is leading,
Trip did I, upon a stone that had ‘Happiness’ inscribed upon.
Uncommon it is for me, to chance upon occurrences,
The arrogant head over my shoulders told me, “Things do not happen to you, you happen to things.”
But happiness! That’s one different thing. It could look at me, mock me and then rolled down its own path.
Boy, did I miss it now?
Yeah, I looked for it and a saint asked me to ‘look within’.
Within, did I look and gosh, what a scare that was!
Only if I could  tell the saint, for a heart full of remorse and pain, ‘Happiness’ is not a feeling. It’s merely a word, one without a meaning!!


At the end of it all, as the dusk approached,
It’s just strewn bodies, severed limbs and the stench of burning flesh!
The spent soldier dragged himself across the battlefield and wondered, “Was that all worth it?”
The bright red blood oozing out of his guts in all the vehemance felt so warm,
He could feel the smile of the orphan he sponsors,
The silence of the breeze that blows at this time back home,
The peace that would prevail!
As the light in his eyes started to dim, exuberance hit him as he realised it was all worth it,
And recounted his dad preaching, “Those incapable of war are the ones who preach peace!!”

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